Payment And Fraud Management

Manage your payment processes with scalable, standardized and secure digital systems.

Manage your payment processes with scalable, standardized and secure digital systems.

Manage Payment Processes by Checking Fraud

Improve identification of fraud by automatizing your payment processes and simplifying the user experience

Automatic Payment System and Reduced Abuses

Payment processes are also the area in which internal and external abuses occur. Therefore, abuse management should also be a significant part of the payment management process. While automatizing your payment management with the right systems, you can get the insight you need to protect the business integrity with high-risk third parties and avoid suspicious transactions.

Reduce Your Operational Load

You can reduce your daily operational load by digitalizing your payment processes with the right criteria and consultancy. Besides, you can identify the abuses with the systems designed more securely and prevent them before they occur.

Treasury and Risk Management Applications

Let’s design the optimal treasury architecture and application and choose the smartest solution for your business together.

Customer Experience

As a result of our discussions with the experienced ELC team, with which we speak the same language, we observed that their team is ahead of the curve and they have good knowledge of the SAP. We have finally confirmed that we weren’t mistaken as they timely delivered the task as per the conditions we defined.

Ayla Hacıahmetoğlu, Finance Director, Hayat Group

We chose ELC as they have a good command of the products within the TRM module and we could get to the same point easily since they quickly understood the product and the issues we mentioned. We believe that we have a healthier system with the wide range of recommended solutions ELC provided in relation to similar applications within and outside the country.

İmran Emre Karagözlü, Finance Manager, Turkish Opet

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