Do you think that the digital communication of your organization with the banks is enough for digitalization in the treasury?

Do you think that the digital communication of your organization with the banks is enough for digitalization in the treasury?


End to end digitalization in treasury is key to the bank connection.


Have secure bank connection methods in various formats.


Use globally secure and standardized connection method.


Establish a secure connection with any type of protocol.

4 Important Integrations for Digitalization in Bank Communications

  • Integration of the operations related to Bank Account activities and statements

  • Integration of the operations related to the payments

  • Integration of the operations related to treasury transactions and their confirmation

  • Integration of the operations related to Trade Financing

Digitalized Bank Communications for End-to-End Digitalization in Treasury

Banks and Financial Organizations are the other parties in treasury operations. Another point that is as important as the fact that companies move their internal processes to the computer environment, cloud systems and other digital platforms to digitalize in the field of Treasury Management is that the Treasury Departments can communicate through digital environments with the other stakeholders outside their organization. An end-to-end digital transformation is available through moving the entire connection management into the electronic environment.

What Does ELC Strategy Provide for You?

Many different parameters such as your sector of activity, the number of banks you work with, the number of your affiliates, the number of countries and banks with which you carry out operations define which format or formats you should use while making transactions. Having specialized in moving these complicated bank communication processes into the digital, our team knows the role of the bank connection method in the digitalization process of your treasury processes and determines the smartest digitalization roadmap for you.

Customer Experience

As a result of our discussions with the experienced ELC team, with which we speak the same language, we observed that their team is ahead of the curve and they have good knowledge of the SAP. We have finally confirmed that we weren’t mistaken as they timely delivered the task as per the conditions we defined.

Ayla Hacıahmetoğlu, Finance Director, Hayat Group

We chose ELC as they have a good command of the products within the TRM module and we could get to the same point easily since they quickly understood the product and the issues we mentioned. We believe that we have a healthier system with the wide range of recommended solutions ELC provided in relation to similar applications within and outside the country.

İmran Emre Karagözlü, Finance Manager, Turkish Opet

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