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Let’s begin your digitalization journey by analyzing your processes.

Get started by answering the questions now for a free analysis report!

Let’s begin your digitalization journey by analyzing your processes.

Get started by answering the questions now for a free analysis report!

We expect you to answer the questions below for the generation of the analysis report to be provided to you for free so that we can determine the optimal technology and system per the needs and structure of your company. You must complete the questions in full for us to be able to generate a healthy report. We’ll get back to you within 10 business days after your request for the analysis report is delivered to us. As a result of the analysis, we’ll provide you with an analysis and structural definition report including the optimal technology and functional features per the structure of your company. We’ll contact you to make a presentation to the Treasury and related units for conveying the report and the structure we’ll provide in detail. We’d like to state that this service will only be provided via corporate e-mail as it requires a quite intensive effort and is provided for free. The information you’ll provide will only be used for the generation of this report.

Countries in Which the Company Operates

Areas of Activity for the Company? Groups?

The Number of Companies and Subsidaries? (By Country and Group)

Central Treasury Management Structure

Do You Use a Treasury Management System?

If you have an existing Treasury Management system, could you specify the name of your system and for which functions it is used?

Do you use any transaction platform such as Bloomberg (RFQ)- Reuters (FXAll)? If you do, to what extent your transactions are carried out via this platform?

Number of banks used by companies?

I Work with Full Integration of Following Topics via the Banks (I don't use Paper and Signature)

If you have electronic bank statement integration with the banks, what is the method you use for receiving your statements? (FTP File - Web Service - SWIFT)

If you have electronic bank statement integration with the banks, what is the number of banks you receive electronic bank statements and how is the distribution of these methods? (%FTP File - %Web Service - %SWIFT)

How Do You Use the Electronic Bank Statement?

If you receive and use the Electronic Bank Statement, how many of your companies use it? (Accounting Record - Cash Flow Reconciliation - Data Analysis, etc. purposes)

If You Do Bank Account Reconciliation via Electronic Bank Statement

What is the number of banks you use for payments at any country and location where your entire Group and/or Companies are?

Do you have a primary bank? If any, which one?

Do you monitor financial instruments such as Loans, Deposit, Derivative, Guarantee letter at any system? If you do, how many companies use this system?

Do you carry out valuations and IFRS operations in relation to the Financial Instruments? How?

Is there a system you use for cash flow? (How many companies)

Do you prepare cash flow tables? At which intervals? (daily, weekly, monthly, annual) For how many companies?

If you prepare cash flow tables, how often do you update these tables?

Do you prepare consolidated daily, weekly, monthly, and/or annual cash flow? How often the consolidated cash flow is updated?

Do you carry out cash predictions and deviation analyses? Is there a system you use for analyses?

What is your accuracy ratio for the cash predictions?

Do you have cash consolidation or central cash pool etc. applications?

How do you manage your Cash and liquidity risk against currency fluctuations?

What are the Financial or Operational risks that worry you and require to be improved? (e.g., Foreign exchange, Interest rate, Fraud, etc.)

Do you have foreign exchange rate risk? What's your monitoring method?

Do you have interest risk? What's your monitoring method?

Do you have commodity risk? What's your monitoring method?

Do you have payment integration with banks? (How Many Banks - Countries? What is the number of those without any paper or signature?)

If you have integration with the banks, which method do you use? FTP File - Web Service - SWIFT - Bank Portal etc. What is the number and distribution of the banks?

Does your payment workflow provide enough transparency and security to ensure that all payments are properly authorized and executed? How?

Can you get result information on your payments instantly? How do you monitor the results?

What are your precautions for the company with regard to carrying out payments securely?

Did you experience any case of payment abuse within or outside the company? What type of precautions do you take so that it doesn't happen?

Do you perform an enforcement list check in relation to the payments made by the companies? What kind of system do you use?

Do you have a currently active Supply Chain Financing program? If your answer is yes; what type of financing options do you use?

How do you measure success as part of your treasury processes? What are the KPI's for your team?

Do you use reporting system for all functions such as Cash flow, Payment Management, Financial Risk Management?

Can you sort all of your processes into an order from the highest to lowest priority?

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